Zero Waste is Simple



Zero waste is simple if you can be a bit organised. Keep things in your car/bag so you won’t be caught without what you need. Don’t be nervous to take a container into the bakery or sushi shop, they will be grateful you did. What’s missing here is my keep cup, currently in the dishwasher. Once you start swapping disposable for reusable you’ll start to see the change in how slow you fill you bin compared to before. ✅

ps. Green bag and floral bulk bin bag both made by me, so simple if you have access to a machine.

3 thoughts on “Zero Waste is Simple

  1. I’m always really nervous about taking my own containers! I wish there was a “BYO Container-friendly” scheme or something, like an invitation. Otherwise I feel like I am being awkward. That said, I do regularly take my own containers to the sushi shop and the supermarket deli.


    1. Yes! I feel it’s coming, people are slowly coming around to this ‘use your own container’ thing, I think soon it will be the norm or widely acceptable. I feel nervous taking my own to new places but I always feel good for it when I’ve done it. Thanks for reading! Lara


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