Zero Waste is Simple



Zero waste is simple if you can be a bit organised. Keep things in your car/bag so you won’t be caught without what you need. Don’t be nervous to take a container into the bakery or sushi shop, they will be grateful you did. What’s missing here is my keep cup, currently in the dishwasher. Once you start swapping disposable for reusable you’ll start to see the change in how slow you fill you bin compared to before. ✅

ps. Green bag and floral bulk bin bag both made by me, so simple if you have access to a machine.


MINIMALISM – what it is to me and some tips on wardrobe purging.

This is a broad topic, it can mean different things to different people.

For me it’s less possessions, less clutter, clear spaces, negative space, a draw that’s not full, shelves where you can see everything, everything has a place. It’s seeing what I have, not a pile of things bunched together, appreciating all the things I have, owning less and feeling good that I’m not talking up too much space in this world. (and a smaller carbon footprint but that’s for another day)

Having clear spaces and a tidy organised house brings me calm and I feel I can get on with my day.

What is it to you?

When is the last time you had a clear out of your wardrobe? I do it often and could do it again now. I try not to buy many things, but when I do, when that item goes in, I find 1 or more things to donate or sell.

Do you have trouble letting go of things? Try putting them in a box in a cupboard and see if you miss them, if not, send them out.

Less things means less mess too, the washing pile won’t be so high and draws will close comfortably.

Tips for having a wardrobe purge:

Ask yourself:

Did I wear it in the last 18 months?
Does it still fit?
If you put it on the ‘out’ pile, how do you feel about that?
Will I wear it again and if so, where to?

If you love it but don’t wear, don’t want donate or sell, why not gift it to a friend who you think it would suit? I’ve done this and it feels so good!

If you’re not sure where to start, start with one draw. Bag it up, send it to the op shop, do another draw tomorrow.

Don’t throw things in the bin, DONATE, SELL, GIFT, if really shabby, make rags.

Thanks for reading!