Boomerang Bags

Boomerang bags: Reusable bags, all made from upcycled/repurposed fabric, available free or for a donation.
I have been sewing a few bags for the new boomerang bags group here in Cambridge, we launched them at the farmers market this morning, they were all gone by 10.30am! (over 100 bags!) We will keep sewing and keep offering them as an alternative to plastic in the hope it changes peoples thinking.

The stall holders are all on board and suggested people use their own bags before using plastic.


Talking to people and seeing them realise how important this is truly made me feel that finally, maybe I am making a small difference.

Watching ‘A plastic Ocean’ won’t make me feel so guilty now.

It’s a start in the right direction, we have a long way to go.



Want to be a part of this?

Any fabric donations you might have would be much appreciated, also, if you want to help, you don’t have to be able to sew, you can help in many other ways.


Refuse plastic, think of the ocean.


Lara x




Zero Waste is Simple



Zero waste is simple if you can be a bit organised. Keep things in your car/bag so you won’t be caught without what you need. Don’t be nervous to take a container into the bakery or sushi shop, they will be grateful you did. What’s missing here is my keep cup, currently in the dishwasher. Once you start swapping disposable for reusable you’ll start to see the change in how slow you fill you bin compared to before. ✅

ps. Green bag and floral bulk bin bag both made by me, so simple if you have access to a machine.

Chook feed bag, bag

I have been holding onto the bag the chook feed came in, knowing it would be handy for something, surely.

I was right. I found an easy way to make it into a reuseable tote bag.

If you want to know how too, then keep reading…

Photo 6-08-17, 11 26 31 AM (1)

Clean out the bag before you start. Remove the string from the bottom and trim the bottom of the bag if its uneven.

Photo 6-08-17, 11 31 39 AM

OPTION: Stitch along the bottom about 1cm from the bottom then turn bag inside out and stitch 2cm up from the bottom, this hides your seam and makes the bag stronger.

I didn’t do this kind of seam but I would if I made one again.

I turned the bag inside out and did a seam of 2cm without the first step.

Photo 6-08-17, 11 42 51 AM

Stand the bag open end down and pinch in the two corners and make “dog ears”.  I measured 7cm in from the corner and sewed across.

Photo 6-08-17, 11 50 26 AM

Turn bag right-side out.

Cut two 9cm strips from around the top of the bag.  These will be the handles.

NEXT TIME:  I would cut the handle strips from the bottom before sewing the bottom seam, that way the poor chook won’t lose her head!

Now zig-zag the cut edge of the top of the bag then fold down 5cm all around and sew.

Photo 6-08-17, 12 00 22 PM

I used pegs instead of pins to hold the seam in place, these seemed to work a lot better.

Photo 6-08-17, 12 52 16 PM

Cut the handle strips about 50cm long and hand press 0.5 cm to the inside on both long sides.  Fold in half and sew down the long side.

Attach the handles to the bag as you wish, I chose to put mine on the outside.

Photo 6-08-17, 2 53 27 PM.jpg

Et Voila! You have successfully recycled a feed sack into something useful!


Photo 6-08-17, 2 56 53 PM (1)

Have a great day

Lara x


PS. Here’s Bridget photo bombing

Photo 6-08-17, 2 57 47 PM