About me


I’m Lara. I am a Mum living in Cambridge with my hubby and our 2 kid-lets.

My Maiden name is Cull. See where the blog name came from? fitting, right?

We are renovating a 100 year old villa / random old house. Every wall we pull away, we find new treasures to deal with. It’s a long term project for sure, all depends on time and money. My husband is doing it all himself, so with a full time (demanding) job, that’s quite a slow project!

My Husband and I are major bargain hunters, we love a garage sale or a good op shop. He’s the trade me master! He will find you a bargain, like our $1 dishwasher in like new condition, or $1 bedrooms solid wood new doors for the kids rooms…..the list goes on.

I have been brought up to be mindful of waste. Don’t leave lights on if you’re not in the room. Don’t leave the tap running when you’re brushing your teeth.

I have been taught to reuse wrapping paper, use old Christmas cards to make new ones. Don’t be wasteful, think about what you’re using, shop second hand, buy quality not quantity. This is how I became the way I am, because of my Mother. She was bought up the same way, her mother made clothing and left over fabric into new items, never wasted a scrap. It’s part of my makeup, so, here I am, writing a blog about zero-waste and looking after the planet. Special mention goes to my amazing Mother-in-law also who taught me how to sew. (My mum didn’t get a chance to learn from her mum as she wanted to do it herself!)

My beautiful Mama trimming threads off a boomerang bag. (I hate trimming the threads!)

Our planet needs us more than ever, plastic has to stop, not just how we dispose of it but the production of it in the first place. It’s going to kill the ocean and therefore, life will be over. Join me in caring for the planet and making a change.






Lara x

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