The Girls

Taken a few days after they joined us. 18 weeks old.


I have a weird fear of birds. I like birds. I just don’t like to be near them.

So, we got chickens. Makes sense right?

It was my idea.

The interest was sparked when my daughter wanted to feed and hold a friend’s chicken every time we were there. I wasn’t ready for a big commitment pet like a puppy so I thought chickens would be a good idea. They are. I LOVE THEM. I have forced myself to get over my fear and get in amongst it.

I wanted free range eggs, I wanted to rescue some hens and I wanted a pet. Win win win.

They have been named Bridget and Branch. My daughter tells me those are names from the trolls movie? I think they suit very well, the lighter more softer looking one is Bridget and the bigger darker and rougher looking one is branch.

The girls taking the journey to their new home. It was a 20 min drive so wasn’t too long to be cramped in there.


When they came home to our place they were about 17 weeks old. 2 weeks later we started getting 1 egg a day, I don’t know who it was from but we were very excited and grateful for them. Probably a week or so after that, we started getting 2 a day, Go girls! You’re so clever.

From some internet advice we started to put them on their roost at night which they caught onto quickly, only took a few nights and now they both sleep on the roost every night. However they lay their eggs in a nest they made themselves in the corner of the house, not in the nesting box, but that’s fine and it looks so sweet, they have made a circle of hay and both eggs are sitting there together everyday.

They put themselves to bed in their house each night, for the first 3 nights they were with us, we had to put them in there so they know that’s their house. They learnt very fast, clever girls.

They have a good size run, all down one side of the house, we started letting them out for some garden time now and then. It got to be more and more frequent and now they are full time roaming our garden. The only reason I would put them away is if we had people who weren’t use to them in the garden, if we needed to open the big gates or if we are doing building work.

Photo 24-04-17, 2 08 29 PM
Just arrived home, they had never stood on grass before so they took a few minutes to first move from where I put them, within 2 hours they were walking around like they had always been here.

The fear of birds thing you ask? ALMOST gone. I can pick them up, pat them, be near them without a worry. I only thing that gets me a little is when I have their food and they know it. They run full speed at me and peck at my boots. GIRLS!, calm your farm, gimme personal space, I love you but lets all take one step back please!


Photo 31-07-17, 2 58 02 PM (1)
Branch and Bridget, now, approx 9 months old.

A friend said to me, now you have two, you’ll want ten. Yep. Just need more land now…..


Lara x



See how we built the chook house out of re purposed pallets here: Building the Chook house


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