Wrapping Paper

Photo 23-03-17, 11 16 58 AMaa.jpg

I’m really not a great gift giver but if you do get something from me it’s going to be wrapped in pre-loved wrapping paper, my mother taught me to never throw wrapping paper away if it’s still got life left in it.

Christmas morning really hurts when I see paper being balled up and chucked in the bin. SAVE IT, PLEASE!

I needed to wrap something today but my wrapping paper stash is low. I felt like doing something crafty so here’s what I did.

I went to my local op shop and purchased an old music book that was falling apart and needed a new life, for 50c. I also found some foodie magazines in the free pile by the door, I grabbed 3 of those.Photo 23-03-17, 11 05 01 AM I took apart the book and the magazines, I planned to make a roll of paper from both but the music sheets were a great size to left them as is. Photo 23-03-17, 11 19 12 AMI took my knife to the spine of the magazines and they came apart easily. I kept the pretty pages, which was about 75% of the magazine then put the rest in my daughters craft drawer.Photo 23-03-17, 11 16 56 AMI used the music to wrap my present, perfect size for a book. I have screeds left so I know I won’t be needing to do this again for a long while. Photo 23-03-17, 11 23 35 AMWith the magazine pages I stuck the edges together and made a roll of paper to use with bigger items. A flour and water mixture did the trick. Photo 23-03-17, 12 24 09 PM

Photo 23-03-17, 12 44 35 PMPhoto 23-03-17, 12 44 17 PM

Conclusion: Reused unwanted items, gave them new life, got my crafty fix, made something useful, neat project to do with the kids (the gluing, maybe not the knife bit!), gave my friend a more personal looking present. Winning all round. May look like it tooks ages, but this was a lightning fast project, I managed it with a sick baby at home. Writing the blog took more time than the task! Photo 23-03-17, 11 28 21 AM

Thanks for reading!

Coffee time


Lara x



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