Garden update

Last weekend I (with help) built a chook house from re purposed pallets. Free chook house that just used time. Felt great. Today I made a gate, yet to hang next to said chook house then it’s ready for chickens. When it is completely done, I will write a full blog about it.

Today I planted some veges, bit slow off the mark but I planted kale, broccoli, fresh lettuce as my others have only just finished and also broad beans.

My tomatoes haven’t done that well, they were too late but I hope what’s growing with ripen soon and I’ll get a dozen or so from them, will wait and see.

I have been clearing out more junk which is basically a constant project, I never seem to find the end. Things tend to filter in so I try to stay on top of it. The busiest room of the house is my daughters room. – Everything is precious and that cut up piece of paper is my favourite thing right now but mainly cause you just pointed it out to me……

Doesn’t the mess bother you? “No, I’m a kid”

But she does ask me if something is recyclable before she puts it in the bin so that’s a win.

Next job is to convince hubby to use the beewax wraps on his sandwiches, watch this space!



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