Bag Pattern – a place to start

How I make a Boomerang bag!

This is quite a rough guide but I thought it would be a good place to start if you’re wondering how big to make a bag. This makes a good size for using at the super market, if made strong, it will hold a few bottles of milk or cans no probs.

It’s just a quick drawing but I will break it down for you!




Handles: I cut these about 4 inches wide, they can be any length, that is totally personal preference but I find 20 inches to be a good length. You can hold it in your hand or on your shoulder no worries.

Two ways to fold and sew your handles:

  1. Fold one edge over 1 cm and iron. Fold the other edge over 2 cm or into the centre and iron. Fold top seam onto the big seam and iron. This should make a seam right down the middle. Sew down the middle and then down both sides so you have 3 rows of sewing. This makes for a very strong handle.
  2. Fold both edges in just a little, maybe 1 cm and iron, then fold in half and iron. Sew down both sides.


For the bag: A piece of fabric folded in half, 20 inches across and 18 inches tall (once folded) is a great sized bag, this is customisable, depending on your fabric.

If you can get 2 bags out of the fabric but have good chunk left over, maybe adjust this pattern and try to make 3 bags instead and not have as much waste.

With the right sides showing, sew the side seams. Turn inside out, sew side seams again, bring your seam width in so it’s wider than the first, this way you create a french seam which is when the first seam is hidden by the second.

To do the box corners: Turn in the right way, make a point with the corner, opposite to the direction of the side seam, sew and then cut the corner off, turn inside out, make a french seam but doing a wider seam again like before. This way you have nice tidy seams and no raw edges showing.

Once side seams and box corners are complete, hem the top of the bag by turning it down just once, about 1-2 cm and sew.

Pin your handles where you want them to go, turn you top seam over once more and sew, when you get to a handle, tuck the edge under your seam, fold the handle into its final position and sew over it. Once you’ve been around the top once, move your needle up or down a bit to then make a second round of sewing around the top to secure the handles and make sure it’s strong.




If not, come over to @thecullblog on Facebook or Instagram and ask me for help! I am more than happy to assist!

I will be doing a video of making a bag soon so that will make these instructions more clear.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


Lara x






Boomerang Bags

Boomerang bags: Reusable bags, all made from upcycled/repurposed fabric, available free or for a donation.
I have been sewing a few bags for the new boomerang bags group here in Cambridge, we launched them at the farmers market this morning, they were all gone by 10.30am! (over 100 bags!) We will keep sewing and keep offering them as an alternative to plastic in the hope it changes peoples thinking.

The stall holders are all on board and suggested people use their own bags before using plastic.


Talking to people and seeing them realise how important this is truly made me feel that finally, maybe I am making a small difference.

Watching ‘A plastic Ocean’ won’t make me feel so guilty now.

It’s a start in the right direction, we have a long way to go.



Want to be a part of this?

Any fabric donations you might have would be much appreciated, also, if you want to help, you don’t have to be able to sew, you can help in many other ways.


Refuse plastic, think of the ocean.


Lara x