Self seeded pumpkin Patch

One day a cute little pumpkin seedling showed itself in my compost bin, I blinked and boom, it’s taken over! Exciting to see how fast it grows.

I have failed to grow rocket seeds and other cuttings recently despite giving them all love and attention, but this bad boy just appears like this! I’ve counted 9 decent sized pumpkins with about 10 or more tiny ones starting.

Mowing the lawns is getting interesting, I have tried to train it up the fence the best I can but it appears from all angles.

I’ll be turning up to your house with pumpkins in hand instead of biscuits soon.

Lucky I know a great pumpkin soup recipe…..

Photo 9-03-17, 6 54 34 PMa.jpg

Video tour of the patch is on The Cull facebook page.