30 mins walk, in a gorgeous tree lined town, on a path that runs down the side of green paddocks.

New Zealand is not as green as we think and perceive ourselves.


The green bag is a bag of doggy poo, why pick it up if you’re not going to bin it? It would be better for the planet to have just left it. Things like food and feces in landfill only create methane as they can’t decompose in there. Methane is climate change. Pick up doggy poo with newpaper, card board, a washable bag, so many other options.

Doesn’t matter how many times you use the plastic thing, it’s still here, it’s still waste, whether you use it once or 10 times.

Do you pick up litter? A friend and I are organsing a town clean up, keep your eyes peeled for updates on that.

This pump bottle still had its seal, not even single use! No use at all. Pointless and here forever.



Think twice before purchasing items like this


Lara x