Garden update

Last weekend I (with help) built a chook house from re purposed pallets. Free chook house that just used time. Felt great. Today I made a gate, yet to hang next to said chook house then it’s ready for chickens. When it is completely done, I will write a full blog about it.

Today I planted some veges, bit slow off the mark but I planted kale, broccoli, fresh lettuce as my others have only just finished and also broad beans.

My tomatoes haven’t done that well, they were too late but I hope what’s growing with ripen soon and I’ll get a dozen or so from them, will wait and see.

I have been clearing out more junk which is basically a constant project, I never seem to find the end. Things tend to filter in so I try to stay on top of it. The busiest room of the house is my daughters room. – Everything is precious and that cut up piece of paper is my favourite thing right now but mainly cause you just pointed it out to me……

Doesn’t the mess bother you? “No, I’m a kid”

But she does ask me if something is recyclable before she puts it in the bin so that’s a win.

Next job is to convince hubby to use the beewax wraps on his sandwiches, watch this space!



Wrapping Paper

Photo 23-03-17, 11 16 58 AMaa.jpg

I’m really not a great gift giver but if you do get something from me it’s going to be wrapped in pre-loved wrapping paper, my mother taught me to never throw wrapping paper away if it’s still got life left in it.

Christmas morning really hurts when I see paper being balled up and chucked in the bin. SAVE IT, PLEASE!

I needed to wrap something today but my wrapping paper stash is low. I felt like doing something crafty so here’s what I did.

I went to my local op shop and purchased an old music book that was falling apart and needed a new life, for 50c. I also found some foodie magazines in the free pile by the door, I grabbed 3 of those.Photo 23-03-17, 11 05 01 AM I took apart the book and the magazines, I planned to make a roll of paper from both but the music sheets were a great size to left them as is. Photo 23-03-17, 11 19 12 AMI took my knife to the spine of the magazines and they came apart easily. I kept the pretty pages, which was about 75% of the magazine then put the rest in my daughters craft drawer.Photo 23-03-17, 11 16 56 AMI used the music to wrap my present, perfect size for a book. I have screeds left so I know I won’t be needing to do this again for a long while. Photo 23-03-17, 11 23 35 AMWith the magazine pages I stuck the edges together and made a roll of paper to use with bigger items. A flour and water mixture did the trick. Photo 23-03-17, 12 24 09 PM

Photo 23-03-17, 12 44 35 PMPhoto 23-03-17, 12 44 17 PM

Conclusion: Reused unwanted items, gave them new life, got my crafty fix, made something useful, neat project to do with the kids (the gluing, maybe not the knife bit!), gave my friend a more personal looking present. Winning all round. May look like it tooks ages, but this was a lightning fast project, I managed it with a sick baby at home. Writing the blog took more time than the task! Photo 23-03-17, 11 28 21 AM

Thanks for reading!

Coffee time


Lara x



Self seeded pumpkin Patch

One day a cute little pumpkin seedling showed itself in my compost bin, I blinked and boom, it’s taken over! Exciting to see how fast it grows.

I have failed to grow rocket seeds and other cuttings recently despite giving them all love and attention, but this bad boy just appears like this! I’ve counted 9 decent sized pumpkins with about 10 or more tiny ones starting.

Mowing the lawns is getting interesting, I have tried to train it up the fence the best I can but it appears from all angles.

I’ll be turning up to your house with pumpkins in hand instead of biscuits soon.

Lucky I know a great pumpkin soup recipe…..

Photo 9-03-17, 6 54 34 PMa.jpg

Video tour of the patch is on The Cull facebook page.

Useful websites

Reusable fruit and vege bags:

Reusable shopping bags:


Food wraps: or

Tableware: (made from recycled milk bottles!)



My Pinterest board on reusing and recycling:

-This post is a work in progress, I’ll add websites as I come across them.-

Avoiding Plastic



My biggest tip is to use REUSABLE bags.
Cotton, canvas, just whatever will hold things that you can use over and over!
Keep one in your handbag, car, office, you never know when you’ll need it.

Do you want that in a bag? No thanks, I have my own.

Buying 1 or 2 things? do you really need a bag for them?

Reuse the ones you have, if you like to use the fruit bags at the super market/fruit shop, keep the ones you have, take them back with you and use them again.

Do you buy nappy bags or doggy do bags? Reuse bread bags / fruit bags / packaging that fits the bill instead.

I use plastic bags in my bins, I don’t put all that much in the bin so I don’t go through many but sometimes if the contents isn’t mucky, I’ll tip that into the rubbish sack and keep that same plastic bag for the next round. This works well in our bathroom as the contents of the bins seems to be dry and not smelly. The same plastic bag gets used as many times as I can get out of it.

You know when you donate clothes or give something in a plastic bag for whatever reason, try not to tie the top too tight so it can then be opened easily and reused again rather than ripped open and made unusable.

(you can see I really like talking about bags as I’ve got this far with talking about nothing else)

Moving on from bags…..

Have a reusable drink bottle

Metal straws instead of disposable OR those plastic ones that you don’t throw away.

Natural food wrap instead of glad wrap OR find a differnt way to store food, use your tuppware or a bowl with a plate on top always works a treat in the fridge.

I know I know more but I’m drawing a blank, must be time for a coffee.



Thanks for reading!Photo 9-03-17, 7 04 12 PM


MINIMALISM – what it is to me and some tips on wardrobe purging.

This is a broad topic, it can mean different things to different people.

For me it’s less possessions, less clutter, clear spaces, negative space, a draw that’s not full, shelves where you can see everything, everything has a place. It’s seeing what I have, not a pile of things bunched together, appreciating all the things I have, owning less and feeling good that I’m not talking up too much space in this world. (and a smaller carbon footprint but that’s for another day)

Having clear spaces and a tidy organised house brings me calm and I feel I can get on with my day.

What is it to you?

When is the last time you had a clear out of your wardrobe? I do it often and could do it again now. I try not to buy many things, but when I do, when that item goes in, I find 1 or more things to donate or sell.

Do you have trouble letting go of things? Try putting them in a box in a cupboard and see if you miss them, if not, send them out.

Less things means less mess too, the washing pile won’t be so high and draws will close comfortably.

Tips for having a wardrobe purge:

Ask yourself:

Did I wear it in the last 18 months?
Does it still fit?
If you put it on the ‘out’ pile, how do you feel about that?
Will I wear it again and if so, where to?

If you love it but don’t wear, don’t want donate or sell, why not gift it to a friend who you think it would suit? I’ve done this and it feels so good!

If you’re not sure where to start, start with one draw. Bag it up, send it to the op shop, do another draw tomorrow.

Don’t throw things in the bin, DONATE, SELL, GIFT, if really shabby, make rags.

Thanks for reading!