Soft Plastic Recycling

How much of your rubbish is packaging?

The packet from the crackers, from the muesli, from the bread, from the sugar, from the pasta…….the list goes on….

These packets are soft plastics, and they can be recycled. They can’t go in your recycling bin so it requires a tiny bit of extra effort, but it can be done!

There are soft plastic recycling drop off points around town, you just need to find out where they are in your town. Here in Cambridge there are three spots I know of, These should be the same for most New Zealand towns/cities.

Countdown Cambridge
Cnr Queen and Empire Streets, Cambridge
New World Cambridge
14 Anzac St, Cambridge
The Warehouse Cambridge
33 Wilson Street, Cambridge
When I started to recycle soft plastics, our amount of rubbish dropped dramatically.
I keep a stash of it all in a bag hanging in the laundry, when its jam packed, I drop it off to one of the drop off spots. So handy having one at the supermarket, you just need to remember to take it with you when you head there!
The bin for it looks like this:r0_0_576_430_w1200_h678_fmax
Or look for this Logo:
You will soon learn how much packaging you consume, will it help you to avoid plastic?
I know it did for me, lets try look after this planet we love so much.
Reuse, recycle and refuse.
Lara x

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