Op Shop Treasures

Do you have a favourite op shop? The one you always find the best treasures in?

Mine is the one my Mum volunteers in and I go there once a year, I have been known to walk out with a bag full but as time goes on, I’m shopping less and less, selecting items more carefully and making sure I’m choosing things I know I will get a lot of use out of.

Here is what I found this time round:

Witchery top, this was exciting as I was sure it wouldn’t fit until I tried it and it was perfect! I check everything to make sure it’s in excellent condition, this one feels like new and it cost me $6.


Seed Dress, this one I got for working in but I can see it being casual wear too. This one was $10 !



Lastly I found this dress which still had the original tags attached, I will use this for going out and formal occasions. Bargain for just $10.



I use to treat op shops as a place to get loads of stuff for a dollar here and a dollar there, but now I seem to want to get the really good stuff and am happy to pay a bit more for the quality.

If you’re keen to go op shopping but don’t seem to have much luck, just remember you have to look hard, accept that you may leave a shop with nothing and on a different day you’ll find some treasures from that same shop.

What’s your favourite op shop item or bargain you love and wear all the time?

Lara x

PS. Here is my son when I first attempted to take photos of my little haul.







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