Avoiding Plastic



My biggest tip is to use REUSABLE bags.
Cotton, canvas, just whatever will hold things that you can use over and over!
Keep one in your handbag, car, office, you never know when you’ll need it.

Do you want that in a bag? No thanks, I have my own.

Buying 1 or 2 things? do you really need a bag for them?

Reuse the ones you have, if you like to use the fruit bags at the super market/fruit shop, keep the ones you have, take them back with you and use them again.

Do you buy nappy bags or doggy do bags? Reuse bread bags / fruit bags / packaging that fits the bill instead.

I use plastic bags in my bins, I don’t put all that much in the bin so I don’t go through many but sometimes if the contents isn’t mucky, I’ll tip that into the rubbish sack and keep that same plastic bag for the next round. This works well in our bathroom as the contents of the bins seems to be dry and not smelly. The same plastic bag gets used as many times as I can get out of it.

You know when you donate clothes or give something in a plastic bag for whatever reason, try not to tie the top too tight so it can then be opened easily and reused again rather than ripped open and made unusable.

(you can see I really like talking about bags as I’ve got this far with talking about nothing else)

Moving on from bags…..

Have a reusable drink bottle

Metal straws instead of disposable OR those plastic ones that you don’t throw away.

Natural food wrap instead of glad wrap OR find a differnt way to store food, use your tuppware or a bowl with a plate on top always works a treat in the fridge.

I know I know more but I’m drawing a blank, must be time for a coffee.



Thanks for reading!Photo 9-03-17, 7 04 12 PM

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